Pin-Up Queen

Electric Rockabela, the “Pin-Up Queen” of three countries, Ljubljana 2017

Elegant Betty Page skirt, red Marlyn Monroe lipstick, Betty Garble mischievous look and high heels of Dita von Tess. Always as a girl from a neighboring house but with that hint of mystery, daring and sexy enough – never too much and still enough to wake up the imagination. All of this is Pin Up Queen!

This year the title of Pin-Up Queen won Croatian Betty Page, Ivančica Sišak from Rijeka, in the pin-up culture well known as Electric Rockabela. Ivančica convinced the jury with her performance, appearance and style in close combat, with charming and photogenic Miss Lady Bug.
Excellent interpretation of the Queen of Pain, with a hint of playfulness, naughtiness, infectious smile and the knowledge that you introduce who you are, are just a few factors that have influenced that the Lent went into the hands of Ivančica. After the ceremony, she said:
“I really didn´t expect to win the title of Pin-Up Queen, because the competition was really tough! But I’m very, very happy and overjoyed, i think that it is a major step up in my path in pin-up culture! ”


Miss Stacey, the “Pin-Up Queen” of three countries / three tattoo conventions competition, Ljubljana 2016

Well deserved victory in finals at Slovenia Tattoo Convention .

I would like to thank all the beautiful contestants Sara Stacey Child, Elizabeth Mad, Teja Gortnar, Nina Bajzek, Katarina Denona, Ivančica Anika Sišak, Molly Roger and Buba Mara for all their effort putting up a great show. Thanks to my gorgeous co-jury Greta MaCabre and Maja Založnik, fabolous presenter Dinda Vibe and off course hardworking host Katja Rezman & .
Thanks also to Hotel Park Ljubljana, Oriflame and ‪#‎AS‬

Ema XButtonz, Miss PinUp Ljubljana 2015

Ema XButtonz
Next Miss Pinup was selected in Ljubljana. Ema XButtonz she is the name for those who care for unique hairstyles in the group VixenBomb Gang. Pinup it is not just her style is also part of life. With her performance and presence in a very difficult choice in Ljubljanashe convinced the jury and became Miss Pinup Ljubljana 2015.

Melani Wildcat, Miss PinUp Maribor 2014

The first Miss Pinup we chose in Maribor and the winner became Melani Wildcat. She is a great lover of animals, a girl with an unforgettable smile and always a little mischievous sparkle in his eyes. Together we broke the ice competition for Miss Pinup.

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